Here at Essex Industries, it’s important that we not only sell a superior product, but also that we offer the absolute best customer service available to our customers. To help us with that, we keep MICHAEL in mind. MICHAEL sums up everything we believe in when it comes to customer service and conducting ourselves as a business.

Modern: It’s our duty as industry leaders to stay up to date with all the newest lighting solutions, and make them available to our customers.

Ideal: Our goal is create a custom tailored lighting solution that is ideal for your business.

Customer: The customer always comes first. It’s about working with our customers to come up with a plan that works best for them, not what’s best for us.

Honesty: Always be honest with the customer.

Answers: Our customer service representatives are prepared to answer any and all questions about our products.

Environment: We are always looking toward the future with more and more environmentally friendly lights becoming available every day, we’re striving to go green!

Leadership: As one of the top companies in the industrial lighting industry, we try to lead by example, with the focus being on the customer, not our sales numbers.

So if you ever have a question about our beliefs as a company, just ask MICHAEL.

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