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Essex Industries is not just a company that sells light bulbs; we’re a company that excels in customer satisfaction. We sell comfort, piece of mind, and a state of ease that only comes with knowing that someone has your back in the business world. Our number one goal is to make sure that all of your lighting equipment needs are met so that you don’t have to worry about it. Technology in this day and age is changing more rapidly than ever before, and this advancement touches every industry we know, including the lighting industry. As one of the leading businesses in the realm of industrial lighting, it’s crucial that our customer service representatives keep our fingers on the pulse of lighting market, so that when new, more efficient lighting options become available, we are able to offer these products to our customers and explain the benefits. It’s an exciting time to be in the light bulb market, and Essex Industries is here to help you stay up to date with the fast-paced, ever changing world of industrial lighting solutions! Click here to learn more about Essex Industries.

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